Featured products

Featured products

Toggles are for use with a marlin spike hitch. The marlin spike hitch/toggle method is an ultra light weight option for attaching your whoopie slings to your tree huggers. Our toggles are lathe cut from Easton Aluminum arrow shafts and are cross drilled on one end for a customer provided keeper loop. 

Since 2008, whoopieslings.com has been the premier supplier of  hammock and tarp suspension systems. Our products are hand-crafted using only the finest of materials. We offer products and custom services for many different types and styles of hammocks. While we have a host of standard items, the custom side of what we do is only limited by your imagination. So feel free to contact us using the link in the store if you have particular needs.

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We are an authorized dealer for C.A.M.P., Nite Ize & SMC products

Continuous Loops are a spliced loop to be used as utility loops or to use in your suspension for attaching rings to your hammock, or anywhere you need a loop but don't want to trust a knot. These are available in any of the colors of Amsteel Blue and will be 12" end to end.

Featured products


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The Soft Shackle is an ultralight carabiner replacement. Made from 7/64 Amsteel Blue and weighing in at 4 grams each. These do not carry the same load rating as the slings because of the stopper knot. But my testing shows they work fine for hammockers. These are not designed or intended to be used for fall arrest, fall restraint or to replace a climbing carabiner while climbing. 

Featured products

Tree Huggers made of Polyester webbing are 1" wide with a 1500 pound load rating. Available in either black or camo with 2" loops sewn in either end.

The addition of the Adjustable Structural Ridge Line allows you to consistently hang your hammock no matter the distance between your anchor points. This gets incorporated into your hammock suspension at the hammock/suspension connection. Its basically a long whoopie sling that gives you a range of adjustment between 81" and 116". Most find their comfort around 100" so that's a  good starting point. It doesn't take much adjustment to change the way your hammock hangs, so be conservative.


Featured products

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