Lets start with some tarp hanging basics...

The Tarp Ridge Line (TRL) allows you to effortlessly and consistently hang your tarp.

The single line system consists of a 30 foot length of line with a Nite Ize Knot Bone built into a fixed eye on one end, 2 prusiks for tarp attachment and a Nite Ize Figure 9 built into a prusik for the other end. Weight is 1.1 ounces for this configuration. 

The 2 line system consists of 2, 10' lines with a knot bone in the end of either line and a prusik or soft shackle prusik on each line. Both lines weigh .7 ounces. ‚Äč




Our Products

Complete Hammock and Tarp Suspension Systems

The Tarp Guy Lines are 8' long with a section of silicone tubing as a tensioner. These can also be made without the tubing for Cuben and Spinn tarps.

Weight per tensioned guy line is 10 grams. Weight per untensioned guy line is 4 grams.

We have removed the second fixed eye from the guy lines pictured here.