Complete Hammock and Tarp Suspension Systems


Lets start with some tarp hanging basics...

The Tarp Guy Lines are 8' long with a section of silicone tubing as a tensioner. These can also be made without the tubing for Cuben and Spinn tarps.

Weight per tensioned guy line is 10 grams. Weight per untensioned guy line is 4 grams.

We have removed the second fixed eye from the guy lines pictured here.


Our Products

The Tarp Ridge Line (TRL) allows you to effortlessly and consistently hang your tarp.

The single line system consists of a 30 foot length of line with a Nite Ize Knot Bone built into a fixed eye on one end, 2 prusiks for tarp attachment and a Nite Ize Figure 9 built into a prusik for the other end. Weight is 1.1 ounces for this configuration. 

The 2 line system consists of 2, 10' lines with a knot bone in the end of either line and a prusik or soft shackle prusik on each line. Both lines weigh .7 ounces. ‚Äč